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Full Version: Bluestack2 error for Windows 10
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Bluestacks2 doesn't run properly on windows 10 and causes a boot loop. I'm not sure how to pull a log of the information I was forced to reset my pc to a previous state to fix the issue. Is there any way you could try to get the bot to work with bluestacks3 or would that just be too much work? Would it be easier for me to make a virtual machine on my computer running Windows 7 or 8 and run bluestacks2 through that?
It MAY have partial(possibly broken) support for Bluestacks 3 already. That's what I started this bot on but I got annoyed by the ads so I downgraded to BS2. I can look into it though.
bluestacks2 doesn't run well on win 10, and this bot doesn't run on bluestacks3
(07-17-2018, 11:43 AM)sirgijoe Wrote: [ -> ]bluestacks2 doesn't run well on win 10, and this bot doesn't run on bluestacks3

BlueStacks 2 runs fine for me on Win10, but I am working on an update that will let users create there own bots with LUA scripts. I will most likely focus my attention on the core application and let users create most bots in the future. Meaning, wait for the next update(it could be a long ways off though) and if you or someone you know can program they can create you a bot that works with BS1/2/3 or Nox.