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"Starting BlueStacks! Please install BlueStacks!"
I get this error when i try to launch the bot

[Image: b0233edbbd06cb1adf22278fb4c6bca3.png]

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bot crashes
bot crashes every 1-10min im wave 80 on replay there is no solve diamond or anything yet, so that is not the reason
Starting Bluestacks....
i want use this bot but i can't...I open bot then i click Grow Castle Bot and load grow castle bot.But it doesn't open after the ''Starting BlueStacks...''

Can you help me
Found some errors on windows?
I tried to install windows on my server.First i download the software on my system.Then i clicked install button.But the installation process is not begin.Then i tried after few minutes.But the same problem is repeating.I visited [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register] to find a solution to it.How can i fix this problem?is there any solution to this problem?
Bot Closes Itself
The bot is closing itself after running 8-9 mins. This bug is occuring for 3 days.
Bot Crash While Diamond Selection
The bot stops working and is crashing everytime when a diamond selection pops up. Is there any solution about this issue?
Bluestack2 error for Windows 10
Bluestacks2 doesn't run properly on windows 10 and causes a boot loop. I'm not sure how to pull a log of the information I was forced to reset my pc to a previous state to fix the issue. Is there any way you could try to get the bot to work with bluestacks3 or would that just be too much work? Would it be easier for me to make a virtual machine on my computer running Windows 7 or 8 and run bluestacks2 through that?
[REL]KB's Mod Menu
I have got the basic workings of my menu ironed out and decided to release because you need my menu to have a nice bugless experience with my mods(that use globals) and a few people have requested it. At the moment the menu supports key controls but not all of the external SCOs do.

Menu renamed to Mr. Chip53's Menu!

The ZIP includes the following files:
-menuMain.sco/kb_menu.sco: My menu
-kb_dc.sco: My dashboard cam/FPS mod
-kb_driveby.sco: My police squad mod
-kb_mm_main.sco: My money mod main script
-kb_mm_pickups.sco: My money mod pickup script
-kb_safehouse_main.sco: My safehouse main script
-kb_icm.sco: Instant coffee mod
-kb_deadeye.sco: DeadEye script
-kb_drunk.sco: Drunk Mode script

DPAD DOWN + X or NUMLOCK to open menu

Show ContentKeyboard Controls:

Show Content[v1.10]My Menu:

Show Content[v1.2]Money Mod:

Show Content[v0.87]Safehouse Mod:

Show Content[v0.96]Police Squad:

Show Content[v0.03]Dashboard Cam/FPS Mod:

Show Content[v1.50]Instant Coffee:

Show Content[v1.00]Drunk Mode:

Show Content[v0.50]DeadEye:

kb_deadeye.sco, kb_drunk.sco and kb_icm.sco do NOT require this menu to work. All of the other scripts DO require my menu to work!

[Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register](v0.60) - [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
[Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register](v1.1) - [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

NOTE: I had to completely rework how the scripts could communicate so there may be bugs... Nothing should make your game crash but it may make features that involve the police squad, safehouse or money non-functional(it shouldn't I did some quick testing) because they use the globals.

If you have any problems let me know!

Also, this menu is not meant to appeal to the masses. It is my menu with the basic functions I need and any mods I make, in it. Although, if you like the menu and would like to see something added just drop your suggestion in the comments.

I have few Ideas, but first I would like to know on what are you working and some future stuf you want to do. So I couldshare my ideas if they not on the list.

Sorry for my bad Englisch. Smile
Mr. Chip53
Hello, I'm the owner of this site and have been working on multiple projects for it. Most of them will be free(hence the name), although, I've put almost a year into my BrewBot project so as of right now it is paid. I'm pretty busy outside of this site so sorry if I'm not immediately responsive all the time. Anyways, I hope everybody enjoys the content FreeBrew delivers!
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