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Bot Closes Itself - dayucuk - 05-27-2018

The bot is closing itself after runningĀ 8-9 mins. This bug is occuring for 3 days.

RE: Bot Closes Itself - lol4k - 05-28-2018

Hello, yes i have the same problem.
I think it happens everytime when diamond puzzle query comes up.

RE: Bot Closes Itself - Mr. Chip53 - 06-03-2018

Sorry I've taken so long to respond. The first time I ran the bot there was an issue where it close itself although now it only crashes when it does the diamond solving. I will look into fixing the diamonds ASAP.

RE: Bot Closes Itself - lol4k - 06-11-2018

Hey, i know you update your Bot in your free time, but do you know when the new update will be aviable?

RE: Bot Closes Itself - begliado - 06-28-2018

Hi, I have the same issue but it doesn't close only when there is the solving

RE: Bot Closes Itself - deviantone - 04-21-2019

Ever get around to fixing this? Can't seem to get past the 8-9 mins either.